If you do nothing you will get nothing.

     There have been numerous scandals involving large Wall Street brokerage houses, smaller independent broker-dealers, and large mutual funds just to name a few. Many refer to it as stock fraud. If you are like most Americans, you have probably opened an account at one of the major brokerage firms and invested some of your hard earned money. There are many, many ways to invest that money. Each investment, stock, fund, or other investment product carries with it a certain level of risk. But not all risk is acceptable or appropriate. 

     Whether a particular investment product, stock, investment portfolio, or portion of an investment portfolio is appropriate depends on many factors. Your stock broker has a duty to know you, your age, your station in life, how many kids you have, your income and expected income stream, your financial circumstance, whether you have other investments, your knowledge of investments and your investment IQ, your short term and long term investment goals, where the investment money came from, your financial needs going forward, and your specific appetite for risk and risk tolerance. If you are like most people, you are relying on the skill and expertise of your broker to make appropriate recommendations on what to buy, how much to buy, and how to diversify your investments so that you are not over concentrated in one particular type or class of investment. You are also relying on your broker to properly manage your risk, and protect your money and your investment.

     If you have lost a substantial amount of money, a substantial percentage of your investment or investment portfolio, it may be the result of broker wrongdoing or negligence and you may be entitled to money damages. We can help. We have handled and concluded well over 150 securities and investment loss disputes in court, arbitration and mediation against most of the major Wall Street firms in the last 10 years alone. We have handled or co-counseled cases in Texas, Oklahoma, California, Illinois, Florida, Georgia, Minnesota, Connecticut, Washington, Washington D.C, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina. Representative investment loss claims that we have handled include:

  • Misrepresentations and Omissions
  • Overconcentration of stocks and other investment products
  • Unsuitable Investments
  • Improper Investment advice
  • Breach of promise or contract
  • Broker Negligence
  • Stock Fraud
  • Failure to Execute trades
  • Unauthorized Trading
  • Margin Account Abuse
  • Unauthorized Trading
  • Variable Annuities
  • Breach of Fiduciary Duty
  • Auction Rate Securities and Mortgage Backed Securites
  • FINRA Arbitration

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